About Our Coffee

About Our coffee

Rarebird partners with 3rd party coffee sourcers to ensure that our beans are procured ethically and sustainably, bringing value to producers and consumers alike. Transparency throughout the supply chain guarantees that farmers are paid and treated fairly, while also upholding the environment from which the coffee is derived and supporting the local community.

Our team was unwilling to sacrifice on taste for our coffee formulations, which is why we have worked hard to procure specialty beans that are approachable, yet refined. You'll find that our coffees perform well on their own or also when paired with cream or sweeteners, intended to please the palates of all coffee drinkers alike.

About Our Coffee

environmental impact



Carbon footprint

We believe a size zero carbon footprint is the perfect fit. That's why we cover 100% of fossil fuel emissions from transporting your coffee from the farm to your door.



All our packaging is 100% recyclable (LDPE).



Our Colombian coffee is sourced from Sucafina Colombia, a vertically-integrated network of sustainably focused farmers. Each bag purchased contributes to the The Farmgate Initiative - a project focused on supporting the communities that produce the coffee.

Coffee Farmers

Supporting local growers

The livelihood of an estimated 125 million people worldwide is supported by coffee farming. Working with Sustainable Harvest, our coffee importer, we source all of our coffees from smallholder farms, helping ensure coffee farmers benefit from each and every purchase.


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