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Reclaim coffee's benefits without caffeine's downsides

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    Coffee with Px instead of Caffeine
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    Colombia, Single Origin
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    Medium Roast | Ground
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Our Px Coffee contains Px (paraxanthine), a naturally occurring caffeine metabolite, instead of caffeine. Px offers jitter-free energy, improved focus & quicker clearance than caffeine from your body, supporting a better night's sleep. Featuring our freshly roasted Colombian beans, this brew offers the perfect combination of balance & complexity. Tasting notes include chocolate, brown sugar & citrus acidity.


Px Coffee was voted "Best New Product" by the Specialty Coffee Association at their 2023 Expo in Portland, OR. Reimagine your coffee experience with Px today.

Our ingredients


  • Your body converts about 80% of the caffeine you consume into paraxanthine, which has similar stimulatory effects as caffeine but without negative side effects like jitteriness and anxiety. Paraxanthine is also cleared from your body faster than caffeine and may help improve sleep quality.

Award-Winning Px Coffee

Award-Winning Px Coffee

100% arabica coffee
Infused with Paraxanthine
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Rated 5 Stars
“The time of day I most want (need!) coffee is in the afternoon, but with regular coffee I know the trade-off will be an inability to get to sleep later that night. With Px coffee I can use it as a pick-me-up in the afternoon, but not have to worry about the trade-off. Win/win!” Amanda S.
Subscriber since Mar ‘23
Rated 5 Stars
“Good influence on sleep quality, way less jitters or heart rate increase compared to regular caffeine.” David M.
Subscriber since Sept ‘23
Rated 5 Stars
“Regular coffee would always give me the jitters and make me anxious, especially on an empty stomach. But Px does none of that. Just a slight energetic buzz.” Daniel P.
Subscriber since Aug ‘23
Rated 5 Stars
“The jitters, feeling "tired-and-wired", and anxiety led me to researching caffeine alternatives. After many, many different products, I stumbled upon Rarebird Coffee and Px and after trying it, I was hooked. Quite literally all of the benefits of coffee, without the downsides and uncomfortable anxiety. The increase in focus and desire to stay on task with what I'm working on is also awesome. Overall, I couldn't recommend PX coffee enough, and have been telling as many people about it as I can. Phenomenal product!” Tim K.
Subscriber since Sept ‘23
Rated 5 Stars
“All positive impacts since starting PX coffee. No jitters, clear thoughts and a nice sustained energy.” Jay M.
Subscriber since Aug ‘23

About Our coffee

Featuring 100% Arabica beans from Colombia, you can expect approachable, yet refined flavors when enjoying this brew.

We partner with 3rd party sourcing services to ensure traceability and transparency at that source of our beans.This coffee is sourced from Sucafina Colombia, a vertically-integrated network of sustainably focused farmers. Each bag purchased contributes to the The Farmgate Initiative - a project focused on supporting the communities that produce the coffee.

Our Process


We carefully select sustainably harvested single-origin Colombian coffee with tasting notes of chocolate, brown sugar and citrus.

Caffeine Removal

Caffeine is removed via the sugarcane decaffeination process in Colombia. This method is natural, safe, sustainable and preserves flavor well.

Px Infusion & Roasting

Px infusion and roasting occur at our facility in California before the coffee is freshly packaged and shipped to your doorstep!